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I’ve been a busy bee today and thought I’d share what I’ve been up to. Firstly I have entered a Front Row Society Competition which was to design a scarf with the theme ‘Enchanted Forest’. I  have been an admirer of their competitions for some time now so it feels good to finally enter one! A lot of their entries are more digitally driven, whereas I work in a more hand rendered style at the moment. There is so much talent out there, I just love looking at everyones work and different approaches to the same theme.

My design was inspired by fireflies dancing about in a moonlit forest, I tried to capture that enchanted feeling using dreamy layers of colour…


I have also finally got round to adding a profile to a fab new design directory called the Moyo Directory created by Rachael and Beth, two very talented ladies. They also run the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design a course that I have just completed which totally blew me away, it was awesome!



I’m looking forward to adding some designs and a bit of info about me, so it’s a work in progress at the mo! As I don’t have a portfolio website yet I thought the directory would be a great platform to showcase some of my work. There are so many talented designers on there, I could spend hours looking through everyone else’s work, a bit like falling down a rabbit hole! So why not pop over and show my profile a bit of love, I’ll send you a virtual hug in return x

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As a new and emerging designer my job is as much about creating new work as it is to ‘get it out there’ (in the big wide world!) So, with this thought in mind I have decided to set myself a challenge of creating some work to be produced as wall art. I love drawing so this challenge is going to be enjoyable :O) I quite like the feather one below, but might tweek the colours a little.


featherd wall art 2 with watermark


I’ve also been drawing this little fella…

owl 2I’m loving getting back into drawing, looking forward to seeing where this will go.

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I love drawing, give me a sketchbook, a pencil and something to draw and you won’t hear a beep out of me for hours! Lately I have been drawing feathers, I don’t know why but I think it’s the fragility and dream like quality they have. Here’s a bit of what I have been up to…


ink feather


pencil feather headdress in progress

Bit of a feather headdress idea going on with this one.


ink and pencil feather


Now to turn them into something, I’m thinking Wall Art prints rather than a pattern collection. Will post the end result when I am done, now back to my feathers!

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